Sing For Your Supper

"Merry Name-Day to Thee!"

If this reminds you of the song "Happy Birthday to You" then you can Sing for your Supper!
Compete to create a full course meal by combining supper cards. Complete each dish by singing songs from thought-provoking song cards. With 6 decades of 120 top hit songs from Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, and Country music, this entertaining party game will amuse friends and family from every generation!


Solve the Ciphers

On your turn, draw Song Cards and attempt to solve the puzzling riddles. Each Song Card holds the lyrics from a popular song hidden inside a cryptic clue. Remember to check the genre and decade to start off on the right foot.

Got the title? Sing!

Once you have solved the Song Card, it's time to sing! Put on your best performance and sing a snippet of the mystery song to the other players. Each player will then attempt to guess which song you are performing. A correct guess earns rewards for the performer and the guesser.

Now Make Your Supper!

Successful singers get to draw from the Meal Deck. Collect ingredients to build meals, like Lamb Ossobuco or Cherries Jubilee. Build a complete 4-course meal with a soup or salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert to win!

Watch Out for the Other Guests...

Instead of ingredients, the lucky chef may draw special ability cards instead. Summon a health inspector to send another player's meal to the discard pile or finish off your entree quickly with wildcard Secret Ingredients.

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